SSI’s SIT lifter is fully enclosed and submersible for current military standard. The unit can be ordered as either a hardwired (120/240 VAC) or wireless (12VDC) system. The SIT can be controlled either with SSI’s Range Control software, or with the FASIT compliant TRACR software.

The SIT is compatible with DoD standard Targetry Range Automated Control and Recording (TRACR) software for any Qualification or Maneuver range. The SIT includes connections for accessories like thermal and muzzle flash simulators. The SIT is designed to be used in either indoor or outdoor firing ranges (short or long), indoor or outdoor shoot-houses, Urban Assault Courses and MOUT training sites. The SIT meets all TACOM requirements for a Segment 1 presentation device.

Not only hard-wired targets, we also provide mobile targets with optional solar panels!