To supplement your Conex training facility, we at SSI have come up with progressive enhancements.

When a complete system is purchased, the individual conex are pre assembled and wired at the factory then connected (mechanically and electrically) on site for quick deployment and ease of reassembly.

For realism we have added items as windows, courtyard, exterior lighting, call boxes and cameras that are mounted with magnets that can be removed for security.

Breach Doors that are secured when not in play. A front porch, which in the interior, gives way to hidden “sniper window.” Interior enhancements are hinged wire trough to protect cables with lighting installed.

Interior Cameras are also mounted with magnets to secure and stow when not in use. Interior modular doors and walls can be placed as needed throughout for flexibility.

Small secure areas that are out of play behind a wall hides the controls for the action. These are controls for Audio, video, lighting, smoke evacuation.

And a monitoring system can be provided along with a 1/2 conex for a control room. The system can control action as needed, run scenarios, and have the capability of an After Action Review (AAR). If complete Conex layout is needed, our engineers can also provide this.