SSI’s Overhead Rotating Target (OHR) is an indoor target silhouette turner that gives users the ability to setup a number of different live-fire training scenarios. The OHR’s are controlled using computer commands over an IP network. The unit is ceiling mounted. The spinning shaft and clamp are shielded with AR500 ballistic steel and has an optional hit sensor.

The OHR rotates the target

as the user gets ready.

Depending on the scenario,

the OHR then stops the target

in one of three positions either

Friend, Foe, or Edge.

The commands from the Control Computer are sent to the OHR’s via an Ethernet Network. The OHR’s receive commands from the Control Computer and send back positioning and hit sensing data on the same network. In addition to the hard-wired IP network, the system also employs a wireless network so that manual commands can be carried out with a Tablet.