Ballistic Shield

The Ballistic Shield is AR500 hardened steel plates to protect devices from live round. Our innovative Ballistic Shield breaks down to 3 pieces with handles for ease of transport and storage.

Shoot-Back Device

The Shoot-Back Device (SBD) is a custom paintball marker that has modified to work in tandem with our TLD (RIAB) targets. It fires all standard .68 paintballs and uses COTS C02 canisters. It has a selector switch which allows for; semi-auto, 3-round burst, or full-auto operation. An excellent training aid, the SBD forces the trainee to quickly and accurately engage a target. The paintballs have a velocity of 300ft/sec. so Eye-protection (mask) is strongly recommended. Service/PM of SBD is exactly the same as a standard paintball marker.

Muzzle Flash Simulator

The Muzzle Flash Simulator (MFS) connects to the “Flash” port on a TLD to replicate a muzzle flash for
night training operations. This super-bright LED strobe can be seen up to 800 meters.

Wireless Motion Sensor

The Wireless Motion Sensor is designed to be used as an input to the TLD on the RIAB system. The sensor can be placed away from the TLD to signal approaching vehicles or personnel and lift the target threat.

Remote Vehicle Shutoff Transmitter (RVSO-XMTR)

An essential tool for Convoy Ops Training, this device can
allow a trainer to remotely disable a convoy vehicle,
allowing it to come to a safe stop. The RVSO Receiver
module mounts in, or near, the engine compartment of the
vehicle, each Receiver has a unique assigned channel, the
Trainer uses the Hand-held Controller to choose which vehicle(s) he wants to disable. The RVSO-XMTR (Transmitter) Operates receiver(s) directly within 2500 ft. line of sight (Repeaters for longer distances).

Remote Vehicle Shutoff Receiver (RVSO-RCVR)

RVSO-RCVR (Receiver) Receives transmission from
RVSO Handheld Transmitter. This unit is designed to be mounted inside a military Humvee and will switch off power to the Humvee with an optional output for simultaneously operating pyrotechnic devices as smoke.

Dual Target Arm / Friend Foe Bar

Both of these devices allow for two (2) silhouettes to be lifted with one TLD. The Friend/Foe Slides along a rail to overlap silhouettes allowing for enemy/friendly target acquiring and selection. The targets can have independent hit sensors and register hits in the SSI software.