The new SRT-1000 (Self Resetting Target) from SSI allows shooters of any skill level to learn and perfect their shooting skills. The SRT-1000 has the ability to change Head Plate from Squirrel, Rabbit, Bulls Eye, etc. It has the capability of over 20,000 lifts on a fully charged battery. Quick bolt on receiver for 4×4 post for elevated shooting. Simple rechargeable 12V DC battery. Circuit protected by Auto-resetting fuse. Easily replaceable front shield. The shield is made out of AR500 steel. 3-point mount for ground staking. Rugged, all steel construction and

Challenge opponents or yourself in speed and accuracy drills. Shoot without having to constantly walk downrange. Get real time feedback from target, only direct hits will drop the headplate. Run out of bullets way before the target gets tired… Works every time, great for shooting competitions. All easily replaceable parts, headplate, front shield, battery. Easy to operate and inexpensive to maintain.